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CaraStyle LAST LOOKS LIVE! “Farah Goes Bang” (Feature Film)

CaraStyle LAST LOOKS LIVE! “Farah Goes Bang” (Feature Film).

CaraStyle LAST LOOKS LIVE! “Farah Goes Bang” (Feature Film)


Cara Liedlich (Key Hair and Makeup) shares a behind the scenes preview of producer/actress Danielle Firoozi’s look from “Farah Goes Bang.”

CaraStyle KIT PICKS! Makeup Brushes: Real Hair, Synthtetic or Taklon?

CaraStyle KIT PICKS! Makeup Brushes: Real Hair, Synthtetic or Taklon?.

CaraStyle KIT PICKS! Makeup Brushes: Real Hair, Synthtetic or Taklon?

One of the most common questions I am asked by fellow makeup artist is “What type of brush do you have?” When it comes to brushes there are many amazing options out there! Where the difference lies is in the bristles. Often times, the well informed decision is not based on what does someone else … Continue reading

CaraStyle BEAUTY NEWS! L.A. Makeup Show 2012

CaraStyle BEAUTY NEWS! L.A. Makeup Show 2012.

CaraStyle BEAUTY NEWS! L.A. Makeup Show 2012

It’s that time of year fellow Artists! The industry shows are taking place! Woohoo! Time for lots of Inspiration and Education! As you may or may not be aware the most recent event being the LA Makeup Show-Yea!:)     The LA Makeup Show is an event created through a collaboration with The Powder Group,  On … Continue reading

CaraStyle KIT PICKS! Featuring: “Too Faced Sized Queen Mascara”

Let’s face it makeup lovers and film friends. The search for the perfect mascara is perhaps one of the longest on-going challenges in todays beauty routine. This is also the case on set. We want our lashes to look amazing like they do in TV, movies and magazines on a regular basis. But how do the professionals achieve this? We are ALWAYS looking for the latest and greatest mascara on a regular basis ourselves. One that performs well with natural lashes, false lashes, performs under all weather conditions and ultimately cuts our work down. And lets not get started on the wand. The part of the mascara which has been reinvented more times then one can count;) 

I recently keyed hair and make-up for a film project and found myself needing to maximize some serious lashes. To fit the bill I decided to give “Too Faced Size Queen Mascara” a try. I had been wanting to try it for some time. Here is what I found…


The formula is thick, not clumpy. Does a great job thickening each individual lash.

The finish is matte not wet (depends what kind of look you desire)

Conditions lashes with the following key ingredients…panthenol, vitamins C & E

Builds/restores protein in the lashes with ed algae.

The Wand on this thing is AMAZING! HUGE! Unlike other mascara wands it is shaped like a corkscrew with alternating rows of short and long bristles. No lash escapes this wand. Those little corner lashes that sometimes get missed because the bristles are too short? They were not a problem for me this time around. Additionally-all that extra length allows the bristles to help curl the lashes as you apply.

Really a great mascara! No need for the lash curler with the falsies this time around. However, that can also depend on the individual eyeshape.

A great pick for anyone desiring any of the above!

Price Range ($20-$25)









CaraStyle LAST LOOKS! Behind the Scenes of “Haven’s Point”

   Being a part of a film that is the “first” to accomplish something is a great feeling! Earlier this fall CaraStyle had an opportunity to collaborate with Director Anna Elizabeth James on a USC short film called “Haven’s Point.” Produced by Giles Clarke and Barry Bogovich “Haven’s Point” tells the story of a new … Continue reading

Welcome to my NEW Blog Friends and Artists!

Hello Friends and Artists!, Welcome to my NEW Blog! Here you can find the latest pro- artist updates on trends, techniques, events, products, make-up manners and behind the scenes! Looking forward to sharing and hearing what YOU have to say!                          -CaraStyle  ❤